Introducing SPALECK 175W and SPALECK 175T

The Ultimate Mobile Screening Machines

SPALECK USA 175W mobile screening machine processing waste
In today’s rapidly evolving waste management and recycling industry, efficient material processing is crucial. That’s where SPALECK USA comes in. With our cutting-edge mobile screening plants, the SPALECK 175W and SPALECK 175T, we offer the best in mobile screening technology for various materials such as ASR, Scrap, Slag, Construction & Demolition Waste, Compost, Glass, or Waste. Let’s explore the features and benefits of these two impressive models.
SPALECK 175W – The Wheeled Model:
The SPALECK 175W is designed for easy maneuverability without compromising on screening performance. Equipped with a wheeled chassis, it offers flexibility and mobility across different job sites. This model ensures that you can efficiently process a wide range of materials with ease.
SPALECK 175T – The Tracked Model with Chain Drive:
If you require enhanced stability and traction, the SPALECK 175T is the ideal choice. This tracked model utilizes a robust chain drive system to navigate even the most challenging terrains. It guarantees reliable performance while maintaining excellent screening capabilities.
Key Features:
17×5 ft 3D COMBI SCREEN: Both the SPALECK 175W and SPALECK 175T feature a spacious 17×5 ft screening deck. This large surface area allows for efficient material separation and ensures high productivity. In it´s upper deck it provides our leading 3D COMBI technology, combined with a high performing flip-flow technology in the lower deck. 
Wide Range of Original SPALECK Screen Media: To optimize your screening process, these machines offer a wide selection of original SPALECK screen media options. Whether you are dealing with fine or coarse materials, these screens are designed to deliver exceptional results. Simply use the expertise of our SPALECK USA screening machine experts to find the optimal combination of screening decks for your 3D top deck and flip-flow bottom deck. We would be glad to show you the machine on site, or you can use our SPALECK USA TestCenter to prepare your material optimally.
Unrivaled Screening Performance: With our innovative design and engineering expertise, these mobile screeners deliver unmatched screening performance. The combination of precise screening cuts and powerful screening performance ensures accurate separation of different materials, leading to high-quality end products.
When it comes to mobile screening technology, the SPALECK 175W and SPALECK 175T set a new standard. Whether you require a wheeled model for increased mobility or a tracked model for superior stability, these machines offer the best in class features and performance. With their 17×5 ft 3D COMBI SCREEN and a wide range of original SPALECK screen media options, you can be assured of efficient and accurate screening for a variety of materials.The SPALECK 175W and 175T are designed to handle demanding applications in industries such as construction, recycling, compost, mining, and landscaping. Both models offer versatile performance with their high-quality components and advanced technology.