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Do you already know our SPALECK YouTube channel? If not, you should definitely take a look! Our channel offers you numerous application videos that show you the performance and versatility of our conveying & separation technology.
Here are some examples:
Animation videos of our SPALECK Waste Screens:
Immerse yourself in how our recyclable material screens work with our detailed animation videos. Learn how our screening machines efficiently separate waste and recover valuable materials.
Discover our state-of-the-art 3D COMBI screening machines and how they are used in various applications. In addition to stationary applications, you will especially find videos on our mobile screening machines such as the SPALECK 175T or SPALECK 175W.
Learn more about our SPALECK Flip-Flow screens and their role in material separation and classification of fines. Here we also offer conveyors with a flip-flow cassette. For example, in ASR processing you can screen wet and sticky material before feeding it to downstream sorting equipment.
Application videos in Scrap Metal, Compost and C&D Recycling:
Experience the practice! Our videos show you how our screening technology is used in different areas, such as scrap metal, compost or C&D recycling. Discover how modern screening technology helps to recover valuable materials and reduce waste streams.
Don’t miss the chance to get comprehensive information about the world of our SPALECK USA Conveying & Separation Technology. Subscribe to our SPALECK YouTube channel now and immerse yourself in the world of innovative screening technology.
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