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Maximum screening quality,
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Flip-Flow screening machines must be reliable and powerful while processing waste. With our screening machines for fine materials, you optimize the processing of your screening material. The machine performance is a guarantee for the strong performance of your entire recycling equipment.

Manufacturers of Flip-Flow screening machines

WORLD-CLASS technology for economically screening

Worldwide, SPALECK Flip-Flow screening machines set the benchmark for efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.


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Flip-Flop Screen Recycling

Flip-Flop screening machines

Performance, reliability,
return on investment

If optimum screening performance, quality and the screening result are important for you then the SPALECK Flip-Flow screening technology is just right for you. In the recycling business Flip-Flow screens are also called Flip-Flop screeners.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to organize a tour at a leading recycling company that counts on SPALECK USA. Please contact us.



Flip-Flow screening machines (also called Flip-Flop screeners) are designed for efficient screening of difficult, sticky or wet materials with separation cuts of 0.2 to approx. 50 mm.


Dampening, wet and dry materials of inhomogeneous products such as recycled materials, building materials, compost, waste wood, …


The base frame is agitated by means of shaft and unbalance
motor drive. The vibration is passed to the dynamic frame via
thrust rubbers.
Fixed screening mats between the dynamic and the base
frame are clamped and fl exed by the two vibrating frames.
The modular and compact construction of the SPALECK
Flip-Flow-Screen ensures a wide acceptance for many
different applications.
The easy assembly respectively changing of the screening
mats, the extension to a multi-deck version and the dynamic
stroke adaptation are further features.
The vibrating cover can be opened without tools. This ensures
a rapid and easy accessibility of the screening mats. The relative movement of both screening frames creates a “trampoline effect” for the
screening mats. The advantages of this effect are:
· High acceleration up to 50g in the screening mats
· Loosening-up of the product


  • Non blinding screening mats – less contamination
  • Compact and modular construction
  • Single- or multi-deck execution
  • Dynamic wear resistant screening mats allow an effi cient
    material flow – screwless mounted (fast changeover).
  • The high acceleration on the screening mats ensures a
    self-cleaning effect.
  • Infinite adjustment of the vibrating parameters to match
    changing product characteristics / qualities
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Perfect cooperation with other recycling machines such as feeders, crushers, hoppers, eddy currents, etc.

Advantages & Benefits of FLIP-FLOW SCREENS


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Free Flow Screening & processing

Developed for your use.

Do not purchase your Flip-Flow screening machine from the shelf, use the best equipment for your screening Task and a free flowing material.

Every single one of our Flip-Flow screening machines are built to 100% tailored to your application. This guarantees you the newest screening technology and an optimum recycling and processing of your waste.

flip-flop screen screening of fine grain
SPALECK Flip Flow Cassette for mobile screening plant

Flip-Flow cassette

Today Recycling waste screen.
Tomorrow Flip-Flow screen.

Compromisingly trimmed for best screening results AND user benefits, you can use your SPALECK screen exactly as you need it.

With the patented SPALECK Flip-Flow cassette you can convert your Recycling waste screen into a Flip-Flow screen in the shortest possible time.

Modular Desgin +

How to change the screening mats

100 % user-friendly &
100 % reliable = maximum performance
when recycling

We build our SPALECK Flip-Flow screens so that you can process and recycle in the best possible way.
This means with Flip-Flow screens from SPALECK, you reduce your effort for maintenance and cleaning of your systems. At the same time, your employees can simply set the screening machine optimally to the respective screening material. See in this Video how easy you can change the screening panels.


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mobile screener supertrack

Mobile screening plants

wherever you want

In mobile processing, our Flip-Flow technology also offers you a unique screening quality and performance.

To our mobile screening plants

Built only for you

Our standard: The most individual machine configuration
Our ModularDESIGN+ principle guarantees you the most optimal configuration of your screen. Moreover, it is a child’s Play to adopt it in the future.

SPALECK Flip Flow Cassette for mobile screening plant

Optional: Flip-Flow cassette in the upper deck

Simply even less effort for cleaning

Your material is particularly sticky and caking? Fine! With our patented easily retrofitted Flip-Flow cassette, your screening layers will stay clean!

Flip-Flow Screen with MultiZONE DECK

One deck.
Countless possibilities.

SPALECK offers you many smart solutions for screening machines and processing. Such as the SPALECK MultiZONE Flip-Flow deck. Here you have several screening areas available on one Flip-Flow screening deck. This allows you to simply control the screening quality and adopt your screen flexibly to the different material flows.

SPALECK MultiZONE Flip-Flow deck
screening panels for screening machines

Customizedscreening elements

Easy to change

Your screening material can change.
For this purpose, we Keep hundreds of different customized screening elements ready for you and your applications.Your employees can change them quickly and easily.


Our Flip-Flow screens offer your a maximum on flexibility and performance.
As we build our Flip-Flow Screening machines precisely tailored to your application.
In doing so, the smart customization options of your screening machine help.