SPALECK mobile screener

Mobile SPALECK 3D Combi

2 decks for highest performance

The 3D screening elements in the upper deck of the SPALECK Mobile 3D Combi guarantee a correct sizing of grain, without long pieces or extraneous materials, for the Flip-Flow system in the lower deck. Thanks to screening technology made by SPALECK you can profit from best screening technology at any location.

Mobile Eddy Current Separator

Magnetic separation

The Eddy Current separator uses a strong magnetic field to separate non-ferrous metals from waste. All ferrous metals are previously removed by an arrangement of magnets. Eddy currents, which are created by an rapidly rotating magnetic rotor, affect the trajectory of non-ferrous metals. Thus a huge number of valuable non-ferrous metals e.g. aluminium, copper and brass can be separated for reuse.

SPALECK Eddy Current Separator
mobile screener magnetic separation equipment
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C&D Construction and Demolition waste recycling



IBA Incinerator Bottom Ash and slag processing



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