Functionality of windshifter

Airy-light separation

In windshifter, the separation of materials is based on differences in density and size. The required air flow is generated by a blower and a nozzle and carries away less density and small parts. Inside the windshifter, the separating drum ensures the separation of the materials. Light parts are blown over the drum, while heavy parts fall to the bottom, where they are collected and can be transported further by conveyor belts.

Functionality of SPALECK Windshifter
SPALECK ExtractVac A9 1600E

AV9 1600E

Technical specification

The AV9 1600E is distinguished by a free-standing, electric suction blower unit. It offers a choice of vacuum drive systems and supports quick and easy cleaning by collecting waste directly into collection bins. With universal conveyor belt attachments, you also have maximum flexibility. The vacuum head unit comes with an adjustable bracket for most conveyor belt frames and is suitable for a belt width of 750 – 1200 mm. With dimensions of 1487 x 1603x 1167 mm, the compact AV9 1600E can easily be placed anywhere.

AV4 1200E

Technical specification

The free-standing suction blower unit of the AV4 1200E, is either electrically or hydraulically driven. The machine comes with a choice of vacuum drive systems and features quick and easy cleaning. The vacuum head unit is suitable for belt widths of 750 1200 mm wide and has adjustable brackets for most conveyor frames. The electric vacuum blower unit measures 1320 x 1250 x 1070 mm and the hydraulic unit measures 1280 x 1250 x 1070 mm.

SPALECK ExtractVac AV4 1200E
SPALECK ExtractVac AV12 2000E

AV12 2000E

Technical specification

The AV12 2000E with a free-standing electric suction blower unit and adjustable suction head unit that can be attached to a stockpile conveyor or screen box is impressive in many respects:

  • 45-kW high-efficiency suction unit
  • Infinitely variable vacuum control
  • universally applicable conveyor belt attachments
  • dimensions: 2006 x 1930 x 1512 mm

AV52 1600D

Technical specification

The ExtractVac – AV52 1600D is an innovative, compact and affordable “light” separator. The impeller suction blower comes up with a blower flow rate of (max) 112m³/min (3950CFM). The unit is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine with 42,7 – 51,7 kW (max. 70HP) and a capacity of 135L (35.6 US gal). The machine has the dimensions 2.180 x 1.700 x 1.500 – 2.400 m. In addition, the machine features integrated lifting hooks and telescoping legs, emergency stop switches, safety shutdowns and a full range of adjustable vacuum heads for all applications.

SPALECK ExtraceVac AV52 1600D
SPALECK ExtractVac AV82 1600DUAL

AV82 1600DUAL

Technical specification

The impeller suction fans of the AV82 1600 dual fan achieve a maximum flow rate of 112m³/min (3950CFM). This machine is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine with 51.6 – 53.7 (max. 72 HP). Equipped with integrated lifting hooks and telescopic legs, the wind shifter can be adapted to virtually any situation and the compact dimensions of 2,386 x 2,361 x 2,224 – 3,427 m offer optimal space conditions. In addition, various functions, such as emergency stop switches, motor warnings  and independent balancing valves, provide additional safety when handling the system.

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Advantages of SPALECK windshifter

  • short set up times
  • quick and easy cleaning
  • built-in electrical control panel
  • variable speed control function
  • universally applicable conveyor belt attachments
  • flexi air hose connections
  • forklift pockets for easy movement
  • infinitely varable vacuum control

Areas of application for our windshifters

Masters any materials

  • Biomass, such as forest residues, rootstocks or tree pruning residues
  • Compost , such as sewage sludge compost, green compost or organic compost
  • Wood, such as wood chips, bark or treated / unreated waste wood
  • Waste, such as, C&D waste drum files, household waste, residual waste or commercial waste
SPALECK ExtractVac Air Vac
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