Alternating screening-materials?
With pleasure!

Unique adjustment to the material characteristics

Thanks to the FineSideCOVER technology you have
the choice: Depending on the requirements of your
material and task, you are able to convert the
side-panel at any time, simply, quickly and flexibly.
If necessary simply change from a fl at to a curved,
trough-shaped FSC screening-surface and viceversa.
This offers you a maximum security for
current and future screening-applications.

Optimum screening-quality +
maximum screening-performance

Remarkably flexible thanks to the quick change

Profi t from the targeted selection of your sidepanel variant. It allows you to achieve the highest screening-qualities with a strong performance or high qualities at a maximum screening-performance.

The highest screening-quality

including double
contamination protection

The SPALECK FineSideCOVER prevents the
screening-material from falling through between
the side-wall and the end of the screen-mat. This
guarantees the highest screening-quality, prevents
the enclosure of fail-grain and protects against the
building up and caking of material at the side-walls
of the screen. The effort for cleaning is minimised.


Our demand of innovations:
They must take our customers one step further.

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Keith Corvin