Typical application examples of our screening machines for fertilizers are the following types of fertilizers and fertilizer granules:

  • Mineral fertilizer
  • Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate
  • NP fertilizer
  • NK and NPK fertilizer
  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Ammonium sulphate
  • Fertilizers with urea
  • Phosphate fertilizer
  • Monoammon phosphate (MAP)
  • Diammon phosphate (DAP)
  • Triple superphosphate
  • Potash fertilizer
  • Potash sulphate
  • Crude potash salt
  • Potassium chloride
  • Lime fertilizer
  • Lime
  • Magnesium lime

We will be glad to advise you on which screening technology is best suited for your fertilizer types. You can also use our SPALECK TestCenter, where we can screen and classify your fertilizers together.

Close up photo of fertilizer after control screening.

What is screening technology used for in fertilizer production?

Quality & environmental protection

Screening machines in fertilizer production make an important contribution to quality assurance. They also help to ensure that the legal requirements for fertilizers are met. They are therefore mainly used for

  • Control and protective screening (impurities, lumps, adhesions)
  • dedusting of the fertilizer
  • Classification screening according to size
  • as granulate screening machines.

Construction and design of fertilizer screening machines

Modular design for your application

Different types of screening machines and machine configurations can be used for screening fertilizers. These include

  • Single deck flip flow screening machines
  • Double deck flip flow screening machines
  • Screening machines with wire cloth
  • Dedusting screening machines
  • Screening machines with special mesh or screening mats against abrasion
  • Screening technology with cover
  • Directly excited or linear vibrating screens
View on a bottom deck of a screening machine for fertilizers with flip flow technology.


  • Optimum screening results even with sticky and moist fertilizers
  • Reliable control and protective screening
  • Exact classification of fertilizers according to granule size
  • Clean screening cuts for highest end-product quality
  • Efficient and economical production processes
  • Good scalability for large volume flows
  • Adaptable to changing fertilizers

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Optimised and adaptable to different granulate sizes

Classification of fertilizer

As a manufacturer of screening machines, we build the machines customised for your application purposes. In doing so, it is usually possible to enable product changes of granulate sizes planned in advance by adapting the screening machine.

An example of this is a flip flow screening machine. Its screening mats can be quickly adapted when the batch is changed.

For example, fertilizer granules with a grain size of 0-3 mm and 3-8 mm can be screened in one batch. For another type of fertilizer, for example, 0-2 mm, 2-6 mm and 6-9 mm. In this case, simply change the screening mats accordingly. You can find a video on how this works at www.spaleck-us.com/videos.

Designed for high tonnages

Scalable production quantities

Our fertiliser screening machines are often designed for high tonnage. The material is usually very demanding. It can be sticky, moist and also abrasive. A typical processing quantity is 100t/h or even 150t/h. Of course, we also realise smaller or larger machines with our plant engineering.

A farmer spreads fertilizer on the field with a tractor.


It is impossible to imagine modern agriculture without fertilisers. At the same time, environmental protection must be taken into account. For example, overfertilisation may not occur.

That is why modern technology is used in fertiliser production. Only thanks to their help is it possible to produce high-quality fertiliser economically.

We at SPALECK are partners of many leading fertiliser producers and develop reliable and selective screening technology together with them.

We invite you to come and see for yourself at our SPALECK USA TestCenter. We will be happy to test your fertilisers with you and find the optimum screening technology.

Photo of the SPALECK TestCenter where you can run screening and conveying tests with your fertilizer.
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